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Quillaja Wetting Agent

Quillaja Wetting Agent

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Quillaja is a versatile and effective wetting agent that promotes better water management, nutrient uptake, and plant health in gardening and agricultural practices. Its natural surfactant properties make it a valuable tool for improving soil and foliar wetting, enhancing nutrient availability, and optimizing plant performance. Mix with mater and pour into your pots!

Use: 1-2 Tsp per gallon of water.

Contains: Quillaja, Filtered Water.


  1. Surface Tension Reduction: Quillaja contains natural surfactants, primarily saponins, which help reduce the surface tension of water. This allows water to spread more evenly across surfaces and penetrate soil more effectively, ensuring thorough wetting and improved water distribution.

  2. Improved Soil Penetration: The wetting action of quillaja helps water penetrate soil more deeply and uniformly. This is particularly beneficial in soils with high clay content or compaction, where water infiltration can be challenging. By enhancing soil penetration, quillaja promotes better root growth and nutrient uptake by plants.

  3. Uniform Coverage: Quillaja ensures uniform coverage of plant surfaces when applied as a foliar spray. By breaking down water droplets into smaller, more evenly distributed particles, it allows for more efficient absorption of nutrients and pesticides by plant tissues. This promotes better plant health and pest control.

  4. Enhanced Nutrient Uptake: Quillaja improves the availability and uptake of nutrients by plants. By ensuring thorough wetting of the soil and plant surfaces, it facilitates the movement of nutrients from the soil solution to the root zone and into the plant tissues. This promotes healthier growth and development of plants.

  5. Reduction of Water Stress: Quillaja helps plants better withstand periods of water stress by ensuring efficient water uptake and distribution. By improving soil moisture retention and reducing runoff, it helps conserve water and maintain optimal moisture levels in the root zone, even during dry periods.

  6. Environmentally Friendly: Quillaja is a natural and biodegradable wetting agent derived from the bark of the Quillaja saponaria tree. It is non-toxic to plants, animals, and beneficial soil microorganisms, making it an environmentally friendly choice for gardening and agricultural applications.

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