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Charged Biochar Blend

Charged Biochar Blend

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Our custom blend of compost and worm extract infused biochar has a wide range of uses from soil conditioning, to making compost teas and extracts.

Mix it in, top dress it or extract it. The choice is yours.

For use throughout full grow cycle.

Contains: Compost, Charged Bio Char, Worm castings, Worm Casting Extract, Soybean meal, Glacial Rock Dust, Humic Acid 

Benefits of our biochar/compost blend.

  1. Improved Soil Structure: Biochar helps to improve soil structure by enhancing soil porosity and water retention capacity. When mixed with compost, it creates a balanced soil structure that promotes better root growth and aeration.
  2. Nutrient Retention: Biochar has a high surface area and can adsorb nutrients, preventing them from leaching away with water. When combined with compost, it can help to retain nutrients within the soil, making them more available to plants over time.

  3. Microbial Activity: Compost is rich in beneficial microorganisms that support soil health and plant growth. Mixing compost with biochar can provide a habitat for these microorganisms, enhancing their activity and promoting soil fertility.

  4. Carbon Sequestration: Biochar is a stable form of carbon that can remain in the soil for hundreds or even thousands of years. By incorporating biochar into compost, you can help to sequester carbon in the soil, contributing to climate change mitigation efforts.

  5. Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions: By improving soil health and fertility, compost-biochar mixtures can increase plant productivity and reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers. This can lead to lower emissions of greenhouse gases associated with fertilizer production and application.

  6. Increased Crop Yields: The combined benefits of improved soil structure, nutrient retention, and microbial activity can result in increased crop yields over time. Plants grown in soil amended with compost and biochar may exhibit better growth, health, and resilience to environmental stresses.

  7. Water Efficiency: Biochar-amended soils have been shown to retain more water, reducing the need for irrigation. When combined with compost, this can lead to more efficient water use in agricultural and gardening applications.

  8. Reduction of Soil Erosion: Improved soil structure and stability resulting from the addition of biochar and compost can help to reduce soil erosion, protecting valuable topsoil and preventing sediment runoff into waterways.

Overall, mixing compost with biochar can lead to healthier soils, increased crop productivity, and environmental benefits such as carbon sequestration and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Contains: Biochar, Compost, Worm Castings/Extract, Glacial Rock Dust, Humic Acid, Soy Bean Meal.

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